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18 Oct 2021

We Have Come So Far…

We can all agree that humanity has progressed exponentially over the last century. Today, we are better connected and better informed than any of our predecessors. Not to mention the material comforts that technological advances have brought us. Truly remarkable! The flip of this is that modern living is also stressful, in part because of the above mentioned reasons! Chronic illnesses are commonplace these days. Anxiety, back pain, asthma, digestive issues are common conditions I hear of.

A few years back, I experienced this first hand. Western doctors diagnosed it as chronic vertigo, some kind of fear of falling triggered by an imbalance in the inner ear. They said there was no known medical recourse to correct the issue but suggested physiotherapy might help. It didn’t help! Meanwhile, it felt like my world was closing in… Around this time, I met an ayurvedic and yogic guide on one of my trips to India. He suggested several asanas, pranayama exercises, meditation and dietary changes to reverse the condition. With sustained practice combined with behavioural changes, I woke up one day feeling fully well. With the benefit of hindsight, I have come to believe that my fear of falling was actually a fear of failing.

The Way Forward

Owing to my own personal experiences, I strongly believe that the past holds the key to the future. I found solace and a solution in the ancient Indian approaches that have stayed relevant to this day. The healing journey felt like a sort of homecoming! And, I hope to do my bit to spread the knowledge and wisdom so that others in similar situations can get the inspiration to pursue alternate schools of thought to heal themselves.

Amahli Stories is a collection of original articles based on ancient Indian wisdom and spirituality. I aspire to make the concepts and approaches accessible to a wider, global audience. Even if the blogs plant a seed of hope and positive action in one person, I would consider my work a roaring success! All blogs have been written by a carefully curated selection of authors (myself included) who have lived and experienced the respective stories.

“I hope to educate, inspire and empower you with Amahli Stories!”

– Hema Selvaraj, Founder

Hema Selvaraj Amahli Stories Founder